[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 53

  Mariko runs to Niram, who refuses to let her come closer. The man still points the gun at Niram saying, "This is for Kubera-sama." Niram holds himself against the balcony and realizes that this man is Uncle's subordinate. Niram quickly approaches and gives the man a punch, who drops his gun on the floor … Continue reading [Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 53


[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 50

  Bharat and Niram meet with Prime Minister and British ambassador, Mr. Dench, to announce that they obtain the evidence of their crime. Bharat tells Niram to show them how the next king handles evil. Mr. Dench complains about the sunlight, so Niram hands him his parasol. Niram says, "I already took out the inside item, … Continue reading [Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 50

[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 49

  Prime Minister and British ambassador, Mr. Dench, receive the news that Queen Krishna was captured by Prince Niram, who also hid Princess Mina outside of the palace. They finally know the gender of the baby, but they can't do anything since they don't have him. They decide to handle Krishna according to their plan. … Continue reading [Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 49

[Brief Summary] [Playlist] The Great Escape Ep. 7 & Ep. 8

Donghyun tells Shindong, Byung Jae and P.O that they can find the keys inside the room. Shindong asks if they can get the key from the outside. Hodong asks them whether they have the same door with Chinese symbols with holes for the keys. The three guys outside wonder how to deliver their keys to the guys inside. Shindong asks whether they can find a way to give them the keys. Jongmin reminds them of raw ropes, tying the keys to the ropes.